The end of the school year is coming up, and that means...testing!  TNReady is coming on Tuesday, April 26th, through Friday, April 29th.  Testing can be stressful, but there are ways to be prepared for your next big test.  The first thing that will help is going to bed early; the more sleep you get, the better!  Getting more sleep will help your body and brain be more alert and functioning during the day.  The next thing is to eat a hearty breakfast that will last you through the day; protein is especially healthy for starting the day off right.  One more thing you can do to ensure you will be ready for the test is to have the right materials:  things such as erasers, number two pencils, and extra lead if you need it.  The last tip is to relax!  Relaxing and pacing yourself are two key ideas to making a good grade on your test! Remember to eat a good breakfast, go to bed earlier, have all the supplies needed, and to relax!  Remember, you got this!

Emily Robinson, Writer

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